Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Boko Haram kills 29 male secondary school students in FGC Yobe.

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29 secondary school students of Federal Government College, Buni, Yadi in Yobe State have been reported dead. They were killed by Boko Haram insurgents who invaded the school and killed 29 male students, leaving mo female touched.

Yobe State police commissioner Sanusi Rufai confirmed that the figure saying that the attackers came last night and killed 29 students and burnt down 24 staff quarters including the administrative block of the college. “Some of the students were burnt to ashes by the insurgents. From the information I got, no female students was killed by the Boko Haram. Only male students were killed”, CP Rufai inform.

Read more plus see pictures of the dead students after the cut ...
Spokesman of 3 Div Special Operation Battalion, cptn. Lazarus Eli also confirmed the attack,  “We dont have details yet but our men have been deployed to the area in pursuit of the attackers”, Capt. Eli informed.

  1. If a bomb is planted in a public institution, it kills all of us, Christians and Muslims. Bombs don't discriminate!
  2. Help us Lord. This nation needs your thorough cleansing, our leaders are so dark hearted.
  3. You may choose to immerse yourself in a delusion that Boko Haram enjoys the the supports of Muslims there. They're insane!
  4. One thing that isn't contestable, the only thing that remain a fact that deserves blame,contempt and hatred in is Islam
  5. My heart bleeds. ": My Goodness! RT : BREAKING: Boko Haram kills 29 secondary school students in Yobe. "
  6. Grieved over terrible loss of innocent lives in condemnable Boko haram attack on students in Yobe Today.
  7. All like a very bad dream. Can't believe this is the Nigeria I was born & brought up in.
  8. pray for our fellow whose only sin is been Nigerians "
  9. Then they came for people of Yobe, but we did not speak up, because we are not from Yobe
  10. : Suspected gunmen likely Boko Haram attacked federal government college Buni ...
  11. So satellites are useless against these insurgents or they have superior technology like invincible cloaks?
  12. : Alqaeda and Shabab fights government, BH massacre unarmed and innocent citizens. ...
  13. A crime against one is a cry against all! United we stand we condemn the
  14. Breaking: Islamists kill 29 pupils in boarding school attack via Stop
  15. : ": Borno Gov’s Convoy Attacked By Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen, Vehicle Hit By Bullets” BH or snipers?
  16. Do these people understand the gravity of the situation in Borno State & the North or is it that we're just incapacitated?
  17. Where are the 20-something school girls kidnapped in Borno State?
  18. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un!! From now students of FGC Buni Yadi in Yobe... Is NorthEast not part of Nigeria???
  19. Hey guys, i'll be collecting items like shoes,clothes,towels,soaps etc(no food items or monies) for D victims of D please RT
  20. we are each able, & this is our lifetime. your country, my generation. be your brothers' keeper, and you redefine success!
  21. we are each responsible to life. we do not raise the axe to become murderers, but by over-thinking the value of a life.
  22. ": In a dingy corner of Borno, 25 girls are still being held captive; d air they breathe, d clothes they wear, putrid '
  23. By default an average Borno child is not alien to sight of charred bodies,de-capacitated bodies,or bombings. Hard life
  24. Terrified old woman crying after the massacre in her village. She is asking for only ONE thing, STOP
  25. We must do more for the women and children of Borno.We must stop this evil now. Tweet with the hashtag
  26. If you are not tweeting with the hashtag I assume u don't know People were slaughtered in Borno
  27. Like countless victims, she is denied of her childhood, her life, the dignity of a name in death
  28. This little girl is somebody's daughter killed in Is her mother alive to weep for her or bury her?
  29. Nigeria is dying by d damn minute ... Keep tweeting. It might just make sense to wash our dirty linen in public afterall.
  30. The world is a dangerous place not because of those who are evil,but because of those who don't do anything about it. CONDEMN
  31. As we are in pains with , Your presidential spokesman is busy tweeting pics of GEJ visiting traditional rulers. Why not Borno?
  32. What is happening in Nigeria any info ?? Khair In shaa Allah
  33. Please make dua, it looks like something is kicking of there
  34. GEJ is so addicted to Nollywood that he's engrossed by the beautiful women of Imo. They've made him to forget about
  35. Can General Muhammed Buhari speak up and act at this critical moment in providing leadership in Northern Nigeria?
  36. All my northern brothers & sisters that are tweeting how many of us will turn up if a protest is being organized?
  37. I am not here to debate political ideologies and strategies. All I want to see is the end of Ideologies can't save them!
  38. President Jonathan will let Boko Haram tarry as long as the massacre profits his political objectives! GEJ knows what to do!
  39. Lets make the hashtag trend to raise awareness of events in the north " kindly RT.. cc
  40. : (GRAPHIC) cc: @StopViolenceNGAll Nigerian victims of the insurgency MUST be identified.
  41. I repeat, APC shut down spurred government to move Mbu out of Rivers state. They could do better esp when it involve lives.
  42. Drink, make merry while they yet mourn and bury. In denial shall we revel, whilst they are dealt with by rebels.
  43. 20 girls abducted, 48 murdered in Plateau, my lil cousin killed and beheaded two days ago. Oh, No, CBN is more important?
  44. Dear friends, Please help make this hashtag trend. People are being killed in their 100s in northern nigeria. Thanks
  45. : Borno residents mourn for the umpteenth time as Boko Haram continues its reign of destruction in the north
  46. Make una leave SLS with his wahala, pls let's not divert attention from the killings crippling d N/E.
  47. They attack because they know we are unarmed. They attack because they know our live can not be secured by the government
  48. Those in Bama won't care for the CBN/SLS at this time. Their children, husbands, wives got killed for the umpteenth time
  49. , why did happen? Why is boko haram still existing? Why are we spending so much and gettin so less (security)
  50. Response to = Photo op with traditional + religious leaders | Response to NNPC Scam = Suspend whistleblower. Great Jonathan
  51. Another day in and all is not well. No official comment on & CBN Governor is Suspended -
  52. The palace is where people go to when in danger especially in rural areas, yesterday even the palace wasn't safe
  53. So Jonathan's reply to 's is to Suspend Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as CBN Gov.? Interesting...I love this country!
  54. There's a massacre going on in a northern state of Nigeria. Please help us 2tell the world.
  55. Nigerians being killed "like insects" in Borno Over 100 dead in this most recent terror attack
  56. GEJ was warned that by spending time blaming BokoHarram on opponents he was losing the battle & the fight he failed to listen
  57. I envy those watching football now. TV is on but I can't concentrate. I will be lying if I say am not afraid right now!
  58. While you go to bed comfortably tonight, remember thousands of Borno citizens would barely sleep for d fear of been attacked
  59. Dear Mr President, If Boko Haram kills us all, who will you preside over in 2015? Cc
  60. They said they have been shelling throughout yesterday. Yet Bama was attacked for almost 9hours with no back up
  61. The soil of Borno state is flooded with blood, sweat and tears of orphans, and widows
  62. TH?“: Maj General Chris Olukolade said the attack on Bama today is not enough for the President to be contacted "
  63. All I can think of is that my people are being killed and for what? I just want the government to be on their side.
  64. ": Sambo describes Balat’s death as shocking " What of ? Foolish people
  65. If you think is a problem for the Northern hemisphere, think more deep of your stupidity & action's on Nigeria as a whole!
  66. : So my security is my responsibility or what the hell are these people trying to ...
  67. There is something wrong with Africa. I don't know what exactly, but definitely there is something wrong.
  68. is enough to kill ones mood for weeks... it is just unfair... sad there is nothing my rants will do.
  69. A Govt that will not be insensitive to the extent of engaging in tactless jamborees while a section of the country burns.
  70. It is more apparent everyday that the FG is insincere about fighting Boko Haram.
  71. And still Not Moved by the over 200 ?": President shocked by Balat's death, Condoles Family "
  72. Thousands have been orphaned,thousands have been widowed,thousands have been terminally incapacitated
  73. Even the useless Northern leaders have guts to discuss 2015 elections when there is fire on their roof.
  74. The number of people these media houses often reveal is not true. Most atimes, the numbers are much more higher
  75. The numbers you see in news headlines are fathers,brothers,uncles,sons,they are human beings just like you and me
  76. People who say Boko Haram is happening because GEJ is president should remember it didn't start under him.
  77. Start it RT People will campaign passionately for gay not for innocent people dying. They have a right to life too
  78. Izge death toll rises to 133... This is sad :(
  79. ": He doesn't bother about solving the problem in the North East, all he is bothered about is 2015....."
  80. Everyone knows who he believes in. I know my God and He is the Mighty man of war. Arise oh God concerning ds
  81. Leggo people. Let's make Borno trend! . Time to tell the world about . Let us end the #
  82. It's high time we stop politicizing this BH issue. Daily we lose lives and these people are our people.
  83. We're setting up a committee for that ": Good morning sir .are u aware of & d ?
  84. ": Nigerian army going to other countries to keep peace but can't overcome boko haram in Nigeria! Smh!" End
  85. Oh Lord!!": Everyday a girl child leaves for school now in borno,the fear is that she wouldn't come back "
  86. : I remember when Obama halted his eleventh hour campaigns to visit victims of ...
  87. The last time I checked our president took an oath to protect nigeria which the north-east happens to be part of
  88. Nobody is talking about what is happening or what has happened they just kept quite cos they don't care
  89. In a setting where the President has to be forced to act or people must mean sum tin don't u think they ve failed us

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