Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hollywood Actress Narrates Her Sexual Encounter With A Ghost

 Natasha Blasick knows a thing or two about things that go bonk in the night - she claims she's had sex with a ghost. HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 04:  Actress Natasha Blasick attend the "Black Russian" Filmmakers VIP Reception and special screening at Arena Cinema Hollywood on November 4, 2013 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Ben Horton/WireImage)

Hollywood actress Natasha Blasick who claims to have been raped by a ghost (spectral rape) on two occasions is wishing that her spectral lover returns. After the first incident, the ghost was said to have returned for more a month later. Natasha who said she was confused initially, finally admitted that she enjoyed the sexual pleasure when she became relaxed.

  Speaking on UK’s This Morning, she claimed the forced sex first happened when she was home alone and felt an invisible force push her down on her bed and force himself on top of her. She said:
"I felt something entered the room. I couldn’t see anybody. Suddenly I could feel that somebody touching me," 
"Their hands were pushing me against my will and then I could feel the weight of their body on top of me but I couldn’t see anybody.

“At first I was very confused then I decided to relax and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it.”

Topless Photoshoots Of Rihanna For Lui Magazine

Rihanna goes topless for Lui Magazine and reveals her bare breast on the front page of Lui Magazine! Really daring!!

See more photos after the cut...

Meet The 27-Year-Old Lady Who Has Two Vaginas, Two Separate Uteruses And Two Cervixes!

Hazel Jones
27-year-old Hazel Jones (pictured above) who recalled suffering terrible cramps and heavy periods during her puberty stage has been diagnosed to have two vaginas, two separate uteruses and cervixes as well.

She was diagnosed of the million-in-one condition; uterus didelphys when she was 18 years of age and was said to have lost her virginity twice due to the rare condition but said she was comfortable with having the condition. She said:
'Once I found out what it was I told everybody,'
'I thought it was amazing and it's definitely an ice-breaker at parties'
 'If women want to have a look, I'm quite happy to show them, it's not something I'm embarrassed by.'
Hazel went to the doctor after her long-term boyfriend told her she was 'different' in the genital area. See a scan of her genital after the cut and follow the link below to watch the video...

Peter Okoye Confirms Settlement With Brothers

And that settles it!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Veteran Nollywood Movie Maker Amaka Igwe Dies At 51

Amaka Igwe on her wedding dayAmaka Igwe

Nollywood’s foremost producer, writer, director Amaka Igwe has passed on at age 51.

She died from an asthma attack on Monday night, April 28, 2014 in Enugu where she was with her husband, Charles Igwe, for pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap.

She is survived by her husband and three children. May her soul rest in peace.

Of all her soaps, i guess my most loved is "Fuji House of Commotion". See a picture of herself and her husband after the cut...

Naked Church Services Offered At The White Tail Nudist Resort

nude church service
Good news for some of us who have desired to be naked even to church! Pastor Allen Parker of  White Tail Chapel who says that clothing requirements at other churches are "pretentious" invites ye worshippers to bare your souls and the rest, just as God made them. *hehehe*

“When he [Jesus] was born he was naked, when he was crucified he was naked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked,” he explained to NBC 12.

17-Year-old Jailed After Poisoning Grandma For Seizing Her Phone

17-year-old teenager, Tyt'ana Lisa-Nicole Johnson of Fayetteville, North Carolina has been charge with two counts of attempted first-degree murder for allegedly putting insecticide and termite killer into a pot of collard greens for her 51-year-old grandmother to consume. According to the Cumberland County District Attorney, Billy West.

This wicked action was taken by Lisa-Nicole while her grandmother, Gaylon Moody was away to attend the Easter services. Report has it that the teenager poisoned the greens because she was angry with her grandmother for taking her cellphone away.

Unfortunately, this did not only affect the grandmother but also her friend who ate the greens. They have been taken to the hospital were they received treatment and have been released.

Johnson is being held in the county jail on $500,000 bail. Jail records didn’t indicate whether she had an attorney.

Under North Carolina criminal law, anyone 16 years and older is considered an adult.

Source: InformationNG

Jonathan Sacks His Poltiical Adviser, Ahmed Gulak

A letter from the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity; Reuben Abati has revealed the sack of the Political Adviser to the President; Ahmed Gulak. See the letter below:

"President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has terminated the appointment of his Special Adviser (Political), Alhaji Ahmed Gulak with immediate effect.

President Jonathan thanks Alhaji Gulak for his services to the present Administration and wishes him success in his future endeavours.

A replacement for Alhaji Gulak will be announced in due course.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
April 29, 2014

Monday, 28 April 2014

P-Square's Peter Acquires 2014 Bentley GT

That is how big boys do! Nice!!

How Former Edo Governor, Igbinedion Lost N3.3 Billion To Venezuelan Conmen

This is a very long article which would require much patience but i dare you to read same because it is so interesting and not just that, educative! In a nutshell, it is a case of how the former Edo State governor who laundered billions of Naira from the Edo State treasure got defrauded by Venezuelan fraudsters.

Report from PremiumTimes:

Nemesis may have finally caught up with ex-convict and former Governor of Edo State, Lucky Igbinedion, as he has lost over N3.3 billion to Venezuelan fraudsters, in a deal that bears all the marks of a classic 419 scam, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively reveal.

Court documents seen by PREMIUM TIMES also suggest that Mr. Igbinedion may be insolvent, as two US-based law firms have walked away from a $600 million lawsuit he instituted against the alleged mastermind and the Venezuelan state owned oil company, Petroleos De Venezuela S.A (PDVSA), over his inability to pay retainer as low as  N627,000.00 ($3,800.00).

P Square Sister, Mary Okoye Engaged To Nollywood’s Emma Emordi


Over the weekend, Mary Okoye, younger sister of Peter and Paul Okoye (P-Square) got engaged to a Nollywood actor, Emma Emordi.

Little wonder, this is coming few days after her elder brother Jude Okoye engaged his girlfriend, Ify Umeokeke. #followsuit #hehehe

Military Surrounds Location, Intensifies Negotiations to Free Abducted Girls...

 Abducted School Girls: Nigerian Military Surrounds Location, Arrests Gang Leader
The military has tracked down and surrounded the location, where over 200 schoolgirls who were abducted two weeks ago from Government Secondary School, Chibok, are being held captive, while exploring various options, including intense negotiations by locals and the Borno State Government to secure their release. 

Disclosing this yesterday, a security source said the military has already identified the various camps in which the girls are being held, but is being cautious about executing a full onslaught against their captors, in order to avoid collateral damage. He said: 

“The operation is being strategically carried in a very covert manner because the terrorists will not hesitate to use any of the girls as human shields or even kill them in the event of an attack.
“Another thing you must consider is that apart from being a large expanse of land area, the Sambisa forest also has many clusters of villages and settlements that can suffer from the collateral damage, should an all-out bombardment be carried out.

“Assuming the military attacks them and some of the girls get killed in the process, can you imagine the outrage that will come from the members of the public? So they (military) are being careful.

“All this while, the military has known and has tracked the locations where they are and has even concluded plans to invade the place, but later shelved it to avoid collateral damage.”

Owing to the change of tactics, it was revealed that the military is relying more on intelligence gathering and negotiations by some local indigenes and the state government with the terrorists to secure the release of the girls.
It has also emerged that in the course of searching for the girls, the military has arrested some of the arrowheads behind their abduction and are currently undergoing interrogation.

The source further explained that the security forces do not want to get involved in negotiations since they consider the kidnapping a “highly coordinated local issue” with the full backing of the state government.
“The state government and the Commissioner (of Education) are seriously negotiating (for the girls’ freedom) because they know these boys. And what you see playing out is the politics of the state of emergency,”

APC Reps Move To Impeach President Goodluck Jonathan

APC Reps Move To Impeach President Goodluck Jonathan
The battle for political supremacy in the House of Representatives is set to be rekindled with the plan by 37 former members of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to present an impeachment motion against President Goodluck Jonathan.

The legislators, who are allegedly acting in concert with their governors who defected with them to All Progressives Congress, APC, are also following up their plans with a high profile sensitisation campaign against alleged misdeeds of the administration.

The plan to present the impeachment motion is, however, being seriously opposed by Speaker Aminu Tambuwal and some PDP loyalists in the House who have warned the 37 members that the plan could worsen their precarious position.

President Jonathan And First Lady Pay Condolence Visit To VP Sambo Over Loss Of Brother

President Goodluck Jonathan left and his Vice Arc Namadi Sambo, First Lady Dame Patience Goodluck and Wife of the Vice President Amina Sambo at the Vice President Resident When the President Pay a Condolence Visit to his Vice Over the death of the Vice President Immediate Junior Brother Capt Sabo Sambo in a Car Accident along the Abuja Airport Road — in Abuja. (Photo Credit: Reuben Abati/Facebook)

Vice President, Namadi Sambo who lost his younger brother, Capt. Sabo Sambo on Sunday in an auto crash which happened along the Abuja Airport, Abuja had a condolence visit from President Jonathan who was accompanied by his wife, Dame Patience.

The corpse has been buried according to their Islamic rites. See more photos after the cut...

Brutality Of An 8-Year-Old Girl Who Was Abducted By A Policeman

A lot happen in our society and i urge everyone reading this to be patient to read to the end. This is a very sad incident which will teach us life lessons especially for parents who need to watch over their kids critically.

Amarachi Abakwam who went missing for a couple of days was finally found under the bed of one of their neighbours,  Augustine Gbuchenge who happens to be a policeman in Police Mobile Force 22 (Force number 400823). Amarachi who was brutalised by the policeman was seen with both hands tied while under his bed at Olufowobi Street, Ketu, Lagos. Patrick the father of Amarachi said:

“Last Thursday, I returned from work around 7.30pm and met my children and wife outside. There was power failure on that day so everywhere was dark. I asked after Amarachi but my wife said she was probably in our apartment sleeping.
“I was not satisfied with this explanation because my children don’t usually sleep early. When I went up, I did not see my daughter so we started asking around. Some little children in the compound then told me that Gbuchenge had called my daughter earlier to help him buy akara.
“I went to the policeman’s room to challenge him but he denied seeing my daughter so we continued looking everywhere. After sometime, the whole compound got involved in the search and all clues pointed to the policeman.”

Friday, 25 April 2014

Frog-Like Baby Born In Nepal Dies 30 Minutes After Birth

This is real and happened in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district. The neckless baby with large eyeballs (pictured above) was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.
The baby who died after half an hour of its birth weighed 2kg at birth and was born after the normal nine-month gestation period. 

Mother of the baby, Suntali who already has two normal daughters was not suffering from any illness during the pregnancy. Nir Bahadur, the father, says he does not feel any remorse for the newly-born baby's death. "I am happy that nothing happened to my wife," he said.

So Much Fun For Tiwa Savage As She Reveals Her Sexy Body In Tiny Bikini!

The excited bride-to-be is already having a good time with her friend. Seen at the pool side in Armani Hotel in Dubai, she decided to reveal a little for us to see as she shared the pictures on her Instagram page with caption:
“Girls having fun, I’ve never had sooo much fun. So much love from my family and closest friends  #dubai#weddingoff  #tiwaandtbillz2014 #happybride #love #soontobemrsbalogun #mrstj #mrsbillz”

More interesting photos after the cut...

Collapsed Building Traps 10 in Lagos

No fewer than 10 people were trapped on Thursday after a two-storey building under construction collapsed on Alonge Street, Oworonshoki, Lagos. Although they were later rescued, but not without sustaining varying degrees of injury.

The building which was said to be under construction collapsed around 11:30am and left three children injured; Moses Atoketi 15; Jimoh Adebiyi 13; and Monday Ahungbe 12; and seven other casual workers in the hospital. A resident said:

“The building collapsed around 11.30am. Ten people were working at the building when it collapsed. The house used to be an unoccupied bungalow, but about seven months ago, labourers started working on it.

“The building was being upgraded and was to be converted to a two-storey building.

“Luckily for the victims, the building is located near the Oworonshoki Police Station, so we were able to rally around and we called emergency officials who immediately rushed down to the scene.”

Psquare Split: Peter Okoye Gives Conditions For Peace

Psquare Split: Peter Okoye Gives Conditions For Peace (DETAILS)

The much talked about P-Square split which has been resolved with the aid of their industry friends and close business associates still has a condition attached to it as Peter refuses to be appeased despite interventions from close friends.
Peter reportedly gave condition for peace, saying his wife, Lola, must be accepted and respected by the family or risk total isolation from him. According to an insider;
“Peter is tired of the long years he has had to plead with his family to accept the woman he has decided to spend the rest of his life with.
 “He wants Lola to be welcomed in the family just as Anita (Paul’s wife) has been accepted irrespective of her tribe or age. This is his condition.”

New Bride Rushed To Hospital After Two Hours Of Orgasm

Three hours into the orgasm: Eric rushed Liz to hospital when the orgasm wouldn't fade

This sounds so bizarre but since it is from a reliable source and is substantiated with visual evidence, i have brought it n here for you;

Before i continue, i am having difficulties with videos on this site due to system error which is beyond me. Meanwhile, you can watch the video from the link labelled "source" above. In the video uploaded to YouTube, the woman is seen struggling to speak as she has repeated orgasms while sitting in her hospital bed, with medics handing her Valium in a bid to get her body to relax.

A new bride from Seattle, Liz who could not stop orgasming for more than two hours found herself in a hospital emergency room where medical staff assumed she was in labour.  Liz's orgasm continued for another hour (the third hour) in the hospital. Having given her Valium to get her body relaxed, she finally found relief. Talking to the baffled medics, she said:
 "For the first 10 minutes I was like, this is awesome but now it's exhausting.
"This is so embarrassing. I will never forget this."

Read more and see more photos after the cut... * Once i sort oit my video troubles, i promise to bring the video on here as well...

Five Male University Students Gang-Rape Male Colleague

Homosexuality is now taking another shape for most Nigerian teenagers and is practised openly in most Nigerian schools now. Five male Nigerians students allegedly lured one of their fellow students to a hotel where the five of them took turns to rape him till he bled from his anus as he sustained injuries from the sexual assault. *Yuck*

Now, in simple grammar, This is what happened; A 2nd year student named Friday Desmond who used to be a lover to a fellow student named George had promised George that he would marry him as soon as he graduates from the university because they were madly in love and always seen together.

Friday called George to meet him in a hotel close to his house (George's) in Bwari Area Council. George, arriving the hotel never knew that Friday had ganged up with four other friends of his who took turns to rape him. After the incident and forceful entrance into George, he began to bleed profusely from his anus and sustained injuries.

Psquare's Elder Brother, Jude Okoye Proposes To His Girlfriend On His Birthday

So many good news for the Okoyes as their elder brother Jude follows suit and engages his model girlfriend of one year, Ifeoma Michelle Umeokeke who happens to be MBGN Miss Tourist 2012.

The engagement which happened alongside Jude's birthday yesterday is a double celebration and then the reconciliation with his brothers is a tripple celebration. Lol

See more pictures of the soon to be Mrs. Okoye after the cut...

Blood Will Always Be Thicker. Reconcilation Of P-Square Brothers

While at the verge of breaking up, so many fans prayed and some others  tried to reconcile them. Well, we have good news here that the trio have finally reconciled and they have a happy family together!

See Anita Isama's tweet after the cut...

Naval Officer Kills Bus Conductor In Oshodi Over Bribe

It all happened this morning at about 7:15am at the Warehouse Bus Stop along the Oshodi/Apapa Express Road where a naval officer allegedly shot a young motorist over N500 bribe.

These motorists are not obliged to giving any Policeman or Naval man any sort of tip. Why all these brutal killing?!

73-Year-Old Roberto Cavalli Flaunts His 22-Year-Old Girlfriend

Fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli and his girlfriend of 22, Lina are looking all loved up at the beach in Miami Florida.

Could this be love? His girlfriend Lina who is 51 years younger than him is a model. I think they look more like father and daughter and not lovers!

See more pictures after the cut...

Wedding Host, Banky W Pictured With Tiwa's Groom In Dubai

The much talked about celebrity wedding of Tiwa Savage and her manager/hubby/lover, Teebillz will hold tomorrow at Jasmine Yatch Pier 7, behind Marina Mall in Dubai (for those of you that wish to attend. *wink*) while the reception follows at Armani Hotel at the iconic Burj Khalifa in Downtown, Dubai. *wink* *wink*.
Banky Wellington who is going to be the wedding host as well as the best man is already in Dubai and is pictured above with the Groom-to-be. Pre-wedding party will take place tonight and guess what? Many celebrities are already in Dubai! Come let us go joor! lol
Congrats Tiwa & Teebillz

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Meet One Of The World’s Biggest Babies Ever Born Weighing 6.5kg At Birth 
April 22 was the date of arrival for the largest infant delivered at Massachusetts General Hospital in more than a decade. Baby Carisa Ruscak who surprised every one with her weight of 14.5 pounds had her father, Bryan Ruscak in the delivery room with her mother, Caroline Ruscak.

The new mum who was said to have had her "big" baby via a Caesarean section said:
"I heard the weight and I was like, 'Oh my God.' It validated me because I was in a lot of pain when I was pregnant, so to hear the size, it made sense."

Baby Carisa's father, Bryan said:
"When she came out at 14 and a half pounds, I couldn't believe it. I took a picture of the scale just to document it because I couldn't believe how big she was. And long too -- 22 inches is long. That's what we like long and big. That's what I am,"

"I've been teased a lot so I'm a good sport, no problem with me long as they don't say anything bad about my little girl.”

"Big and beautiful: Claudia and Carisa. I'll be in trouble in a few years, but that's OK. I feel very lucky,"

British Woman To Be Deported From Sri Lanka Because Of Tattoo

Naomi Coleman 
37-year-old mental health nurse and British tourist from Coventry, Naomi Coleman who was arrested at Bandaranaike International Airport on Monday after the airport authorities spotted a tattoo on her right arm is to be deported from Sri Lanka because she has a Buddha tattoo on.

Ms Coleman who was unaware of the sensitivity of Sri Lanka about images of the Buddha and also the tough actions they take against perceived insults to Buddhism was said to be arrested for "hurting others religious feeling" and was held at an immigration detention camp after a magistrate ordered her deportation. 

Narrating her ordeal, she said:
"I got to the airport in Sri Lanka. It was fine. They stamped my passport. There was no problem. 
"I had a short-sleeved top on which showed my tattoo which has got a Buddha on and another Hindu tattoo underneath. There was no problem there.
"It was just when I was taking my suitcases out, one of the taxi men at the stand stopped me and said, 'Oh, this is a big problem in Sri Lanka, you've got a Buddha tattoo.'"

Pregnant Ciara Reveals Her Big & Sexy Baby Bumps In Stunning New Photos

 Singer Ciara who is expecting her first child with her rapper heartthrob, Future shares some of her photos from a photoshoot she had with W Magazine.

She looks due already. See another picture after the cut...

Jonathan More Interested In Second Term Ambition Than Tackling Boko Haram – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has criticised President Goodluck Jonathan over his recent political visit to Kano State barely 48 hours after the Nyanya bomb blast and the abduction of school girls in Chibok in Borno State.

Soyinka said it was unfair for Jonathan to have abandoned victims of the Nyaya Motor Park explosion for a political rally in Kano just barely 24 hours after the incident.

Soyinka who stated this while speaking at the main opening of the Port Harcourt UNESCO World Book capital, accused Jonathan of having interest in attending a political rally than tackling the Boko Haram menace.

While urging him to face the problem of Boko Haram uprising and stop concentrating on his re-election campaign, the Nobel Laureate expressed sadness over the trauma the abducted students were passing through. He said:

“Permit me to impose on the leadership of this nation a simple straightforward exercise in empathy. I want you to imagine yourself in a hospital ward; one among the over thousand victims of so many origins in Nigeria. You remember that the actual and wounded are not the only casualties. 

“On that hospital bed, you find yourself playing host to the high and mighty. “You are immobilised, speechless and incapable of motion, except perhaps to your eyelids.
“Local government Chairmen, Councillors, Ministers, Senators and the nation’s President, making promises of free medical treatment and rehabilitation among others, then your spirits are uplifted. You no longer feel depressed and abandoned.
“A few hours after the departure of your August visitors, you see your erstwhile visitors participating in a chieftaincy jollification, just a few hundred miles away.

“Again, a few hours later, the same leadership is at a campaign rally, where the chief custodian of the people’s welfare is complaining that someone allegedly diverted campaign funds to unauthorised use. That national leader then rounds off his outing with a dance that would put Michael Jackson to shame.”

Source: DailyPost

"My Husband Always Beats Me Before We Have Sex" – Woman Tells Court

It was heard in Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, Oyo State during the process of dissolution of marriage between a middle-aged housewife, Sakirat and her husband, Rasheed Olanrewaju that the latter was in the habit of beating up his wife each time he wants to have sexual intercourse with her.

Mrs. Sakirat told the court that it had become a ritual that he beats her before sex. She said:
“Anytime I don’t allow him to have sex with me, he has made it a routine to beat me  thoroughly. In fact, I currently have many scars on my body due to the series of torture on me."

“Just three weeks ago, he beat me late at night and it took God’s special grace for me to be alive. I can’t stand for long as I used to do before due to the wounds he inflicted on me,”

Olanrewaju speaking in defence told the court that his wife had become insolent and returned home anytime she felt like. He said:

“The last time that I truly beat her, Sakirat bit my manhood and I couldn’t bear it. It is true that I beat her occasionally, but I still love her,” 

The presiding judge, Chief Henry Agbaje out of intuition said he observed that there was still some love between the couple and therefore asked the couple to go and explore reconciliation.