Thursday, 5 June 2014

Be Wise: Implants Gone Sour


This has been a disturbing issue for most ladies who want to get the asset of big butts! Now tell me, why do ladies do this? Well, let me save myself the stress of a long write up of an epistle of Paul to the Corinthians because a word is enough for the wise. The object of this message is to enocurage so many women who feel uncomfortable with the sizes of their endowments and discourage those intending to go for an implant (breast, buttock, etc.) People even do finger nail implant now. lol. This is not for humour because i bet you will weep when you see the many pictures i brought together of Implants that were unsuccessful!

Eww!!! See many more pictures after the cut... (Viewers discretion is advised o!)

Looks like roasted yam! Eww!
No name yet

Burnt arse!

Shrinked arse
Hulk Hogan. The arse ascended!
Head Lamp
Akara Ilepo
Bacteria Infested
Volvo about to set off
Looks like frying pan
Post mortem arse!
Rather awful

In all thy getting, get understanding! Phew!!

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