Monday, 15 September 2014

Cuisine: Authentic Cameroonian Ndole

This is an authentic Cameroonian dish called Ndole which can also be known as Bitter-leaf casserole. It looks delicious so you can try it out.

Recipe (Bitter-leaf casserole)

Recipe Description:

6 Steps to complete

1. In a deep pot at medium fire, bring your meat to Boil
2. In a blender, blend to a paste peanuts previously boiled with ginger
3. In a new pot over medium fire, add the peanut oil
4. Taste the salt and season as needed with Maggi Bouillon
5. Add the crayfish (crushed dried shrimp)
6. Add the ndole (bitter leaf) and cook 10-15 minutes until you obtain a thick paste.

Courtesy: African Cuisine (thank you for sharing this cuisine with me and other readers).

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